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Game specific Character Creation information can be learned by contacting our Story Teller. He can give you all the information and details you need on building a character for Red Deer Modern Nights. Email Story Teller Jeff to get started and learn more.

This is not meant to replace the book. If you enjoy the game, we highly recomend you purchase at a minimum the PDF. The books contain detailed information about Clans, Disciplines, the World of Darkness and contain some stories that can grant you immense insight into this alternate world our game takes place in. You can purchase a pdf ($25), softcover ($35)or hardcover ($60) copy of “Mind's Eye Theater: Vampire the Masquerade” online at Minds Eye Theater - Vampire the Masquerade PDF

Minds Eye Theater - Vampire the Masquerade PDF

After speaking to by Night Studios, they have agreed and in fact made fully available world wide a Quick Start guide for new players to get a fuller idea about Clans and character creation. This is their official release and is free of charge.

Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

Vampire the Masquerade has been around for decades and is a World Wide game. As such there have been countless web pages dedicated to it. Some information is available thru Wiki or by Google. However, the rule book has just been re-vamped and updated for smoother game play and to bring it into the modern nights. Though the basics remain the same, some of the Disciplines and details have changed. We have based Red Deer by Night off of the new book.