In a to late effort to stem the momentum of the Sabat, Edmonton and other Canadian Camarilla Princedom's, supported by a coalition of American Princes decided that in order to protect Edmonton, a stronghold and bastion to all that is Camarilla, needs to be encouraged and put in place. As there are only two cities between Edmonton and Calgary, Red Deer is the obvious choice.

Prince Harold Fitzroy of clan Ventrue took up the gauntlet and challenge to carve out a Domain for himself showing the strength of his blood in it's direct lineage to Mythras himself. With the aid of his Loyal ally Ulf Thorgilsson a former Sheriff of London Harold laid down his plans, gathered the needed allies and set forth on this quest. Forming a co-coalition with the Anarchs and other Camarilla members.

After many months of strategic planning and information gathering, studying layout, designing and refining battle plans Harold and Ulf set in motion the reclamation of Red Deer. The war began with the covert and silent removal of several key players in the Sabbat structure. Once the key players were removed, isolated and/or their current locations known, Prince Harold personally led the final assault on Red Deer, co-coordinating his attack to remove all of the Sabbat.