In the summer of 2012 the cities of Calgary and Red Deer fell to the Cardinal Kyle Strathcona (8th Gen Ventrue Antitribue, p.418) and the Sabbat. Leading the charge of his rabid followers they devoured or outright destroyed most members of the Calgary Court.

Valiant efforts and strength of leadership allowed Prince Markus of clan Ventrue, to hold the besieged city for a time. Holding and waiting for reinforcements that never came. Both the court of Edmonton and the Archons failed or chose not to expend their efforts in a counter attack. Without this support Prince Markus del Roy was doomed to failure, his city lost to the Sabbat and his fate unknown.

Prince Phillip Herbert held his position in Red Deer since 1904. He came out west and started the Red Deer Advocate in 1903. Jealously guarding his territory, protecting it from all threats and strictly controlling who he allows to live within it. He was known to be a violent unabashed cutthroat, Grandchild to an Ancient European Prince. It was this violent tight reign, closed door attitude that has both held him back from expanding to include Lacombe in his Princedom and which led to the downfall of his precious city. Though few in number the powerful Elders who once resided in Red Deer are presumed dead or hiding in torpor somewhere.