The Gangrel are a clan of nomadic loners. In the past they have spurned the constraints of civilization, preferring the comforts of the wilderness.

In modern nights though the Gangrel do still tend to be loners and wanderers they seem to have smaller teritories. They have been finding a area and keeping near, fiercely protecting that which they deem their own.

They have once again tied themselves to the Camarilla and report to local Princes. Perhaps it is these ties that keep them more to a area.

When a mortal speaks of a vampire changing into a wolf or a bat, she is probably speaking of a Gangrel. The Gangrel draw their reputation as fierce warriors from their predatory nature and ability to ignore damage, dish out serious wounds that are difficult to heal and their animalistic instinct.

Gangrel are the most predatory of the Kindred clans, loosening themselves in the thrill of the hunt one of their greatest pleasures.

Clan Gangrel

Clan Gangrel