Years ago Clan Brujah was a clan built on great thinkers, scholars and seekers of wisdom and knowledge. Clan Brujah inspired one of the greatest cities to have existed, where mortals and Vampires worked/lived together in harmony. With the destruction of their vaulted city Carthage the clan was shattered, their way lost.

Over the years the clan changed, grew more passionate, they feel the mortal passions closer than any other clan.

In modern nights the Clan has evolved to be passionate warriors, embracing their causes and standing up for them at all costs. They have developed a fiery temper that at times can lead them to attack first and ask questions latter.

This passion and temper is the Clan flaw and shows up in all Brujah, quick to anger, quick to defend their cause. Their “beast” is always close to the surface, more so than any other clan.

Brujah are termed “the Rabble” because they have few unifying characteristics besides the need to change things, embrace causes and their fierce passions. Brujah are embraced from any culture, region or religion. They are generally chosen by their drive to write wrongs, passion in a cause or rebellious nature.

Clan Brujah

Clan Brujah